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What is Palisra?

Palisra is an artistic exploration of the nature of a world where Palestinian and Israeli nationalisms never existed. They are replaced by a merged nationalism, that of the people of the Holy Land.  

This is an ongoing project that includes creating all elements of an alternative merged nationalism: flag, money notes, stamps, religious art, and language (an Arabic-Hebrew esperanto we are calling Semitish).

 Is this a vision of things to come or an elaborate escape of a bloody reality? 

That's up to you to decide.

Palisra Mission Statement

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Money Notes

Palisra Flag #1

Palisra Flag #2

Semitish Alphabet

Palisra Flags

Introduction to Semitish (grammar, dictionary and sample texts)

Semitish Phrasebook

Song of Palisra

more pieces
on the way...

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