Nizar Habash

Nizar Habash

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Program Head of Computer Science

Director of the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language (CAMeL) Lab

New York University Abu Dhabi

Hello! Welcome to my home page.

My name is Nizar Habash نزار حبش (pronounced /nəzár ħábaʃ/).

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at New York University Abu Dhabi.

I am also the director of the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language (CAMeL) Lab:

My area of research is artificial intelligence, specifically natural language processing and computational linguistics. I primarily work on Arabic and Arabic dialect language processing (in terms of orthography, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicons and corpora), machine translation and dialogue systems.

For more information about my research, check out my lab research areas, my lab resource page, my CV and my list of publications. For some demos and videos of my work on Arabic artificial intelligence, corpus creation and dialogue systems, go to

For courses I teach, tutorials and textbooks, see my teaching page.

I am also an aspiring artist. Most of my art work relates to language, communication and identity narratives. Check out my constructed language Delason. It took seven years in the making. My current large art project is Palisra, a collection of pieces reflecting my views on the Middle East conflict.

I sell some of my artisitic creations through Zazzle: nizware is my wearable art product line.

Before emailing me, please read my FAQ page.

Here is a link to my short biography.

The video of an invited talk at Grammarly on "Arabic Natural Language Processing: Challenges and Solutions"